Welcome to The Whiskey D.R.A.M. fellowship (or Whiskey Drinking Rotarians and Members). The fellowship was started in 2015 to allow Rotarians a Whiskey Appreciation Fellowship and was officially sanctioned by Rotary International in August 2016. Our objective is to learn more about all the whiskies of the world including bourbon, scotch, rye, sour mash and moonshine. Our goal is to provide whiskey food pairings and other topics related to the enjoyment of whiskey, so that our own appreciation will be enhanced. We accomplish that by sharing our knowledge and experiences and by learning from the many whiskey experts and knowledgeable Rotarians throughout the world. We encourage you to become actively involved in our Fellowship and share your ideas, opinions and whiskey experiences.

As with other Rotary Fellowships, we will also support the charitable arm of Rotary with monetary giving. The Whiskey D.R.A.M Fellowship has chosen clean water initiatives as our charity of choice. A portion of the net proceeds of our Fellowship will be given, on an annual basis, to a Rotary-sanctioned campaign focused on safe drinking water. For more information, you can email RotaryWhiskeyFellowship@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs one’s ability to drive a car and may cause health problems. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may cause birth defects. The Whiskey DRAM Fellowship reminds you to please drink responsibly.