As interest in the Whiskey DRAM (Drinking Rotarians And Members) Fellowship grows, members have contacted us about starting their own Chapter.  We hope you find this information to be helpful.  And, as always, feel free to email the Fellowship with any questions.

The Whiskey DRAM Fellowship,  sanctioned by Rotary International, is the governing body over all Chapters.  Anyone that wishes to join a Chapter must first join the Fellowship and submit dues as follows:   $35 Annually, $100 for a Lifetime Member, $125 for a Lifetime Member plus Spouse/Partner. 

This entitles the member of the Fellowship to a Whiskey DRAM lapel pin, the quarterly newsletter, invitations to events and socials, opportunities to net(work) at the Whiskey DRAM House of Fellowship at the annual Rotary International Convention, an invitation to our Board Meeting, and an invitation to off-site events/socials held in conjunction with the Rotary International Convention.

We have put together step-by-step guidelines (PDF here) and a sample set of By-Laws (in Word) which will help get the chapter up and running quickly. 

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